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Marley -n- Me

2017 Archive

Jul 17

I come from a long line of animal lovers.  As a “Colton” it is said that my ancestors from many, many moons ago were horse thieves.  I can only glamorize in my mind that they were stealing horses that they believed to be neglected to take proper care of them rather than for monetary gain.  […]

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Jul 07

July 6, 2017 Dearest Marley, So here we are. Today is the day that I have dreaded since the moment I held you in my arms and your puppy breath kisses covered my face on 7/15/2006. I had never met a dog like you before. You challenged me…in good ways and bad sometimes. You pushed […]

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Jul 04

Let’s chat a moment about the “here” that I referenced in a previous post. I talked about Marley’s adoption story and will give you only the Cliff Notes version of how we arrived “here” today. We adopted Marley in 2006. I helped put on a fundraiser for a rescue in 2007. We started fostering dogs […]

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Jul 03

We decided to take Marley’s Boy away for the holiday weekend since his Birthday was also today. The big Three! Of course, we needed somewhere within driving distance to Detroit and dog friendly. Gatlinburg, Tennessee it was! Will post more later but I wanted to share our “Breakfast with a View” photo. Gosh, do I […]

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Jun 29

So since this blog is about Marley, I guess I should tell you about how Marley came to be mine and me hers. In 2006, my then fiance (now husband) was finally convinced that we (I) needed a dog.  I did what most other people do…I went to to find a rescue.  I found […]

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